On this page you find an extract of our MUCA COLLECTION. Art works that we have acquired over the past few years as passionate collectors of urban art. The MUCA COLLECTION will be on display as permanent exhibition at the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA). More under

Banksy, Kate (grey)
Banksy, Trolley Hunter (b&w)
Banksy, Quenn Vic
Banksy, Choose Your Weapon (silver)
Shepard Fairey, Peace Godess
Shepard Fairey, Lenin
Shepard Fairey, Electric Warrior
Shepard Fairey, Revolutionary Women
Shepard Fairey, Paradise Turns
Swoon, Thalassa
Swoon, Monica
Conor Harrington, Friday morning glory, January 18th, 2013
Conor Harrington, Mugshot 4 - Living Memory
Ben Eine, E (Garage Door)
Case, Strike A Pose
Case, In The Pillory
Herakut, It‘s me – art, so let me in!
Aiko, Bunny House
Os Gêmeos, Untitled (Guitar)
Urban Art background