Rone is a renowned Australian street artist. His pieces have not only appeared all over Melbourne, but have been seen on several locations throughout the world manifesting his iconic figures in ever larger, more elaborate and emotive forms. His most famous image, the Jane Doe portrait, is one of the definitive images of the stencil explosion that happened in Melbourne a decade ago. In general, his paintings of glamorous women attempt to locate the friction point between beauty and decay, life and death. Through this juxtaposition he creates female icons of urban art.

In his early works he produced several pieces through the process of stenciling or screen-printing however, his artistic methods developed into a more freehand style of practice that enabled a freedom and looseness to appear on his images. The perceived rawness of the pieces creates an instant emotional affection. 

Murals (Selection)

Candidplatz, Munich, Germany
Geelong, Australia
Berlin, Germany
Melbourne, Australia

Urban Art background