L.E.T. (Les Enfants Terribles) is native French and one of the first German street artists (since 1991). He still hallmarks his home town of Düsseldorf with his street art. His motifs are sprayed on paper and placed as "cutouts".

His works cite the witty and provocative British street art. Inspired by well-known street artists, he interprets their works in a very special way whilst he puts his focus on the symbolic power of the motif.

His career is characterized by a number of worldwide group exhibitions and street artist conventions. His consistent development as an artist led his way into galleries where his street art can be preserved for the public. In his work, he prefers media as canvas, cardboard and wood.

Murals (Selection)

Alter ego
Candidplatz, Munich
Hero homekit
Grünwald, Munich
I´m so angry I made a sign
Für 40 Grad Festival, Düsseldorf
Mallorca, Spain

Urban Art background