Herakut is a 2004-formed collaboration between the two graffiti artists Hera and Akut from Frankfurt and Erfurt. Starting point of their artistic creations is the Urban Art / Public Art. Herakut’s picture language and imagery express the feelings of their generation.
The paintings have narrative character and include handwritten text fields. Herakut design a new, self-contained world, full of melancholy and profound humor in their works. They see themselves as part of an overall cultural movement within which boundaries between image, text, music and film do not exist.

Through their highly skillful and distinctive style, Herakut have evolved from the street art scene to an independent contemporary art duo over the past years, whilst they always keep the interconnection to the street art community. The spray can remains their favorite tool to work with. By using a variety of materials and visual media, their figurative, partly photo-realistic paintings, sculptures and installations come to live.


Candidplatz, München
Frankfurt am Main
San Francisco

Urban Art background