Urban Art Organization

The Urban Art Organization is an independent art agency and acts as placement for artists, assuring the realization of in- and outdoor urban art projects. A main focus of the Urban Art Organization is the expansion and management of a high-end art collection, which forms the core of the organization. It is our main objective to embed urban art into the contemporary art discourse leading to a Museum of Urban & Contemporary Art in the long run.

The collection is supported among others by an investor program. Those interested in investing in young, promising artists help supporting the creative power at an early stage of an artist’s career. Each investor will receive access to our exclusive members-only program that offers valuable services and insights into the art market through curator know-how, expert talks and many special events.

With many years of experience and an international network in the field of Urban & Contemporary Art we advise individuals and institutions in building-up an art collection or in questions around future investments.

Urban Art background